Winter of discontent

2014-04-13 11.01.52

If 2013-2014 was the winter of my discontent (and by mid-February, it definitely was) then this is shaping up to be the spring of my I-can’t-get-my-act-together.

There was a baby shower for my cousin yesterday.  Did I manage to send a card?  I did manage to send a gift, but how hard would a card have been?  Or did I manage to send an unwrapped childhood book that I loved for the book basket?  Ugh.  I know I can still do both–and I will–but really, is my life so busy that I can’t do these things on time?  Not really.

While I’m flogging myself, I’d like to point out that I’ve begun my spring cleaning.  Remarkably, it’s happening in spring this year.  I started with the bathroom, and now I want to put crime scene tape over the door, so that no one uses it and makes it dirty again.

I hate cleaning.  I’m pretty certain that I’d happily make every meal I ever eat again in this life if someone else would clean my house for me.  Cleaning is one of the reasons I’ve decided that I’m a one-house kind of girl.  (That and the fact that I can’t tell people we have two houses without wanting to apologize.  But that’s another post.)

I’m not good at cleaning, though heaven knows it’s not because my parents didn’t teach me how, and expect me to do what I was able from an early age.  Can you imagine how awful I’d be if I HADN’T had chores to do when I was a kid.  I’d probably be dead of some accidentally self-inflicted disease by now.  I’m not a good cleaner of floors, or shower walls.  (And really, who wouldn’t rather be a “swinger of birches?”  But the bathroom is clean(ish)(er?)(ed?) and there we go.

Right now, I’m most proud of the cleaned up light in the photo above.  It had (mumble) years of dust collected on it, so I finally decided to disassemble it and clean it up.  The shades are so pretty–I’d forgotten what they looked like under all the ick.  And you know, it only took about ten minutes to clean the whole thing.  My internal whining about difficulty is my worst enemy, I think.

2014-04-13 10.49.50

Onward to the master bedroom.  Wish me luck.

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