Do I Believe in Miracles?

2011-11-12 06.48.43
Ragged, split, and stained
my fingernails tell my truth:
     the sun was out today
     so I played in the dirt.

I clipped and I weeded,
I pulled and I planted.
     This is how I worship
     the thing so much bigger than I.

Do I believe in miracles?
I brushed crumbly soil aside
     and there was a universe of earthworms,
     a grayish-green twirl of lavender leaves.

Do I believe in magic?
The purple bud of a lilac
     pushes open its leafy casing,
     reaching toward sunlight.

Do I believe in love?
The lilies point skyward
     reddish whirling leaves
     greeting a new spring.

I kneel in the dirt,
dig my fingers deep,
     and chant,
     “Thank you.”
2012-03-13 17.23.44

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