Did you see that truck…?!

It must have been really big, and traveling really fast, when it hit me. How else to explain my knees? And my back?
Oh. Wait.

12 trees (some quite small, but still requiring big holes to be dug)
1 aster, the name of which I can not remember
25 strawberries (They’re called Sparkle. How could I resist them?)
15 assorted cabbage seedlings
15 assorted kale seedlings
30 assorted scallion and onion seedlings
radish, mustard, kohlrabi, scallion, escarole, collard greens seeds
5 rugosa rose transplants
1 forsythia transplant
…and more to do tomorrow.

My knees. Holy cow, my knees. And, well, my back.

But you know, my head feels good. And my spirit. It feels great.

Because the damp earth smells amazing, and the green that’s coming more to life every second is brightening the world around me.

I’m coming to this “farmer gig” pretty late in life, and it probably won’t do any real good for my joints.
But, you know, the rest of me is pretty happy.

When there’s more energy, there is a greens tart in an olive oil crust to share (plus the awesome crackers made from the crust trimmings). It’s from Clotilde, at Chocolate and Zucchini, and it’s cooling on a rack on the counter right now. It will be tomorrow’s lunch. Tonight, it’s tormenting me with its amazing aroma.

I’ve been wearing a bandana to cover my hair while gardening. I can still feel it on my head.

1 thought on “Did you see that truck…?!

  1. Lee

    At least you know what truck hit you. I wake up with sore knees and back and no trees planted! I can’t wait to see all you’ve done. 🙂



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