What I Won’t Miss (an incomplete list)


standardized tests

the use of an archaic points-based system for grading, because we can’t/won’t do the hard work of finding a better way (and because school districts won’t give teachers the time to do the real, hard work around rethinking assessment)

incompetent colleagues

incompetent administrators

uncaring colleagues

uncaring administrators

helicopter parents

absentee parents

the legislative belief that it’s only our schools’ job to raise children to be kind, thoughtful people

grading papers (though I’ll miss reading student writing)

the belief that it’s only the English teacher’s job to teach reading and writing

the belief that kids only need to read in school


overpaid administrative positions

being on the receiving end of the notion that teachers don’t deserve fair pay and benefits


three hours (sometimes four) between bathroom breaks


What I Will Miss:

my students






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