A gratuitous photo of the sandwich I wrote about the other day, because I really hope you’ll try it!
It is eye-wateringly cold here. When I checked the temperature at about 8 a.m. today, it was at -9. Despite the cold, it was a good day to be outside because of the brilliantly blue sky. We took the dogs for a quick romp in the woods, and then made the rounds of a few farms in the area. (It had warmed up to about 13 degrees.)

One of my new favorite things is raw milk. I don’t ordinarily drink milk by the glass, saving it for cooking and baking, and for my coffee, but raw milk is absolutely delicious. It’s kind of cool to drive by the cows in the fields that you know are the ones that provided what you’re drinking. And in the case of the yogurt and cheese we can buy, what you’re eating. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to live near some amazing farms.

Taking new roads–today’s was Rte. 9 South from Rte. 22–always brings astonishing scenery, like sheer walls of rock covered in ice falls. It also gives me new chances to practice driving on country roads that haven’t been cleared as well as the main roads, which is good. I’d rather practice at 30 mph when no one is around than at 65 mph on a highway.

For lunch today, I made this soup that Luisa at The Wednesday Chef blogged about:
Larry and I don’t mind spicy, so we added the second chipotle in adobo, and the soup was just right for us. I didn’t have any shredded cheddar but I did have a Mexican string cheese, so I diced that up and sprinkled it over our bowls. Usually, when I read things like, “You won’t even miss the meat!” I have to admit to scoffing a little bit. But, um, you won’t even miss the meat. This is one of the most savory, delicious soups I’ve ever eaten, and it is simple to make. Even better, I was able to use my onions and potatoes, and corn that I’d frozen from what we bought from the local farms this summer. Eating what I’ve grown always seems to make things taste better, and it’s a satisfying feeling.

Ahem. Especially after two full bowls…

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